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No. O2 Fuel is a private training facility that customizes both training and meal planning to each individuals goals while still putting a huge emphasis on accountability and community support. Our training is more individualized according to your needs and goals.

Yes. We are uniquely designed where each member works out in their own self contained studio complete with all the equipment needed for the entire session. There’s is absolutely no sharing of equipment or space during your session with us. In addition, we have the cleanest facility going above and beyond, thoroughly disinfecting between sessions. Temperature readings are taken daily upon arrival ensuring a safe environment.

Yes. This program is designed by world class trainers which takes everyone’s abilities and fitness levels into consideration. All exercises prescribed in a training session have 2 regressions and 2 progressions meaning if you’re a beginner the exercises can be customized to meet your level of fitness at the beginning until you’re able to move up. If you are advanced we progress the exercises to make them more challenging for you.

At O2 Fuel we realize that people have busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to balance work and home. For that reason we offer our members 12 session options a day. The most flexible and extensive schedule in the industry. Our goal is for you to get incredible results. Consistency is the key and with 12 session times a day to choose from you will be sure to attend.

No. Our goal is for you to get awesome results so we do not steal time from you. If you need a week off for vacation or personal reasons please just inform us and we will put you on hold and credit you that week once you return.

Yes. We completely customize realistic meal plans for you according to your goals. We don’t just prescribe meal plans to you but more importantly we teach you how to eat and the reasons behind it so you fully understand. The more you understand the more you will retain it as a lifestyle.

The perfect path to getting great results and maintaining this lifestyle is through education, support and execution. At O2 Fuel we combine perfect nutrition, precision strength training and short cardio bursts to quickly and effectively give you the results you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on educating you because we know there is plenty of inaccurate information found everywhere. The perfect recipe is knowing how to effectively put a nutrition, strength training and cardio plan together to ensure great results.

On average our clients lose between 25-40lbs in 12 weeks and lose 8-10% body fat. Of course results vary depending on your goals. Please refer to our transformation pictures and testimonials.

At O2 Fuel we can accommodate most injuries depending on the severity. Our world class trainers are able to modify and customize workouts to address your injuries. Details of injuries can be discussed in the initial consult with your fitness professional.

Sessions are 45 minutes in length. We know life gets busy so we wanted to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule because consistency in attendance is what gets you results. This is also the perfect length of time to facilitate your warm up, strength workout, cardio component and cool down to get quick and effective results.

Great question! Our style of training and nutrition is very unique in the industry. We feed you to perform because that is how your body changes. We do not put you in restrictive weight loss diet plans because we all know those never last and you end up “looking sick” or becoming “skinny fat.” Im sure you have all seen friends like this or experienced this in the past.

At O2 Fuel we prescribe balanced eating plans to not only give you great energy but also help you lose body fat and gain lean muscle so you have a sexy lean look with shape to your body.

Our training program is based on movement and using your body as a machine instead of sitting on machines. With our method you will not only get 50% quicker results but you will also be extremely functional to tackle any situation outside the gym. Say good bye to lower back pain, heart burn, fatigue and other such ailments as we repair your body both inside and out.

Lastly the community and relentless support from our staff and your fellow members. We are a family with an unbreakable bond. At O2 Fuel we encourage, motivate, laugh and work hard together to not only get amazing results but to really make you feel proud about the whole process. A positive life is the about choices you make the people you surround yourself with. We strongly believe in that so we have created the ultimate community.

By adding lean muscle to your body you burn calories and make your body more efficient. Muscles need to burn calories to live, hence making your body a fat burning machine. This is why athletes can eat fast food 3 x a week and still look lean and attractive.

On the other hand, having fat on your body is like having a back pack of rocks. It does not need to burn calories to live. It just sits on your body and makes you look and feel unattractive. Not only that but it can cause great damage to your internal organs which we all know can lead to severe physiological issues.

This is why strength training is essential and changing the make up of your body. Focusing on weight loss only leads to a constant roller coaster ride of gaining and losing weight which also plays mind games with you and can lead to a whirlwind of emotions. Education is the key. With us you will learn once in for all how to get the body you want and keep it!

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