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We’re proud to say that O2 Fuel isn’t just about getting in the best shape of your life  -it’s also about the community we’ve built and that “second family” feeling that keeps our clients coming back.  When it comes to achieving any goal, it’s crucial to surround yourself with positive and like-minded individuals who are working towards something similar.  

One of the best parts about O2 Fuel is having the opportunity to be part of our challenges, group outings, accountability sessions, and fun community events such as our holiday gala, charity fundraisers, and other team oriented experiences!  Our coaches and clients are always excited to see new faces; they’re here to welcome and support you through your entire journey.  We look forward to meeting you in person!


Our clients tell us that O2 Fuel isn’t just a regular gym and they feel like it’s their second home… we hope these photos give you a peak into why they feel this way!

Each month an MVP Member of the month is nominated for their hard work, dedication, and congeniality.  You deserve to get recognized for all your consistent efforts!

The annual O2 Fuel Holiday Gala and award ceremony is our most anticipated event at the end of every year.  This fun and formal evening is your chance to trade in your sweaty workout clothes for your favourite dress or suit & tie.  As a community, we’ll celebrate a successful year with your O2 Fuel coaches and community!

Don’t be surprised when your fellow O2 Fuelers, who you’ll meet as complete strangers, become your new best friends.  This happens ALL the time here!

O2 Fuelers come from all different walks of life, different ages, and fitness levels.  So what’s the one thing that IS common among each of our clients?  They’re working towards a better version of their self and coming to O2 Fuel to be surrounded by positive energy!

The community events we hold is one of the many things making O2 Fuel unique from other gyms.   We get to see the same friendly faces almost daily which is why our clients feel we’re more than just a gym, we’re a family!   So why not bond outside of the gym, too?

Have a friend that would make for a great training partner?  It’s always helpful to have an accountability buddy working towards a similar goal.  But don’t worry.. if you’re joining O2 Fuel solo, you’ll meet an accountability buddy in no time with our welcoming community!


We created a unique training experience where you’ll have your own space with all the equipment you need.

Laura & Alexa found their accountability buddies!

“We’re always motivating eachother in class… We always make sure each other is accountable!”

– Laura & Alexa

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